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VITA Resident Services

VITA Resident Services

Our daily focus is to enrich the lives of our team members and residents.

Giving Philosophy

Vita means life. At Vita Residential, we believe that by sharing both our time and talents generously we are able to give a vibrant, meaningful and balanced life back to our residents. That is why our Resident Services are focused on giving those who live in our communities ways to learn, grow and better every area of their lives.

Purposeful Events

Vita Resident Services offer programs which enable our residents to identify their unique gifts and move toward realizing their fullest potential. We take the Wellness Wheel approach to determine developmental needs of those in our community. The Wheel has seven spokes that represent the seven areas of life. If there is an imbalance with any of the spokes, the wheel is less effective. Therefore, it is our goal to assess which areas need attention and offer resources to help each resident move toward a more balanced and, hopefully, fulfilling life.

Sense of Community

Whether it is a virtual webinar on financial planning or a cooking class on the grill for summer fun, Vita Resident Services events help bring our people together. It brings back the days when you circle of friends could include neighbors that shared your interests and were there when you needed them. Living at a Vita community puts the emphasis on the true meaning of "community!"